Avius Air Delivery
Avius Air Delivery
  • Delivering lifesaving supplies to the most remote, vulnerable regions

    AVIUS AIR DELIVERY™ safely transports critically-needed cargo anywhere in the world — when it’s needed most.


    Natural Disasters

    Following earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters, crippled transportation networks make distribution of supplies challenging.

    Humanitarian Emergencies

    Complex humanitarian emergencies such as the 2014 West African Ebola crisis exposed a need for improved distribution of medicine and protective gear.

    Hunger Relief

    AVIUS Air Delivery can make distribution of emergency food and water to the world's most fragile populations more affordable and timely.

    Our Solution

    Our resupply aircraft has numerous civilian applications for supply delivery and disaster relief, especially in remote regions where geographical isolation and the lack of infrastructure hamper traditional ground-based relief efforts. In many foreign aid missions, it is desirable to use the outstanding glide ratio of AVIUS to provide a safe standoff distance, which is required to avoid airspace incursions. 

    There is an additional civilian market for land & sea rescue operations, where the ability to inexpensively deliver supplies, medicine and equipment to within 100 feet of any distressed ship, hiker or other stranded or injured party anywhere on earth is desirable. Civil applications include firefighting resupply, forestry, commercial fishing and other activities


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